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How much eat is on a sliced pork sandwich

A lot. All their portions are huge.

Does anyone know what kind of wood they wife is allergic to mesquite and pecan

This is something you should definitely call them about. I wouldn't trust any answer from one of us that's only ate there for something so serious.

do you i clude Beer or Wine?


Do the catering for about 30 people if so how much?

Yes they cater, but you will have to call for prices, as what you choose to eat will change the prices

Do they serve glutton free bread etc.?


Do they have a Bar Area ??

They have good enough food you don't need a bar

How long is the wait?

Depends on the day of the week and time of day. Most days there will not be more than a minute. Sundays near noon it will be 15 or 20 minutes.

What is the actual address of this restaurant. Because on the receipt it says 2703 Ponderosa but on this web site says 100 Ponderosa ?

100 Ponderosa

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